GET FIT 1-2-1 


What some of John's clients have to say:

"John, thanks to your training  program I have been the fittest I have felt in years"

Steve Daniels [age 57, Hills District]


"Since training with John's program, in such a short time my sleep patterns have very much improved. I am having really deep sleeps lately"  - premium personal fitness training services

Jey T. [Beecroft]


"The convenience of having John train us at home is so helpful and essential to keeping our motivation and weekly routine. We enjoy the boxing focus and variety to our weekly workouts. John is a complete professional with great knowledge and enthusiasm. We thank him for showing us the benefits of fitness for both your mind and body" - premium personal training services

Mick & Mel S.  [Glenorie] 


"The benefits since joining Get Fit 1-2-1 have been a reduction in my weight and improvements in my overall well being plus both aerobic & anaerobic fitness levels. I believe that this fitness program is a well designed fitness program and it suits my needs. I feel that John McDermott is one of the most qualified fitness trainers in Australia" - premium personal training services      

Don S.   [age 60, Castle Hill]  


"My GP told me I really need to exercise to lower my high blood pressure. I felt that doing training with a Personal Trainer like John is more effective as far as I am concerned. The training is individualized and one to one so we really achieved our goal.  My blood pressure went down and I lost weight.  Losing weight is important to have a healthier and happier lifestyle" - premium personal training services

Eileen T.   [age 51, Bella Vista]


"To be honest, some mornings I found it a bit hard to get going but once I started and got into the program, I found it great! It really improved my fitness. I had an increase in strength when doing my sport. I also found it was great stress relief. So, overall, I found it was good to do!" - premium personal training services

Mark C.   [age 29, Kenthurst]


"I am in my 30's and I decided it was time to do something about losing weight as well as gaining fitness. Finding Get Fit 1-2-1 was the best thing that has happenned. It has not taken very long at all and I feel so much improvement in my fitness plus I have started to really lose some weight. John pushes me [i.e. motivates me] just that little bit extra each week which really is showing results. He really seems to care about me achieving my goals" - premium personal training services

Jeff J.   [age 36, West Pennant Hills]


"I am sleeping so much better since I started training with John. I feel better within myself and my family say that I appear much more relaxed. The training has really been of benefit to my life in general" - premium personal training services

Paul B.  [age 56, Baulkham Hills]


"Aside from the birth of our new born baby boy, this training program has changed my life [i.e. both mentally & physically]! My fitness and coordination has greatly improved. Due to my busy work commitments, I just have not got the time to go to a gym. The convenience of being able to get training at home [with Get Fit 1-2-1] is something that I have been looking for for so long" - premium personal training services

John N. [age 45, Glenhaven]


"The program has totally changed the way I feel. I have more energy and [after recently having a baby] doing the training has helped me gain back my strength as well as fitness and, overall, has improved my life!" - premium personal training services

Danielle N. [age 40, Glenhaven]   


"The training has been great. In only a short time, I can really notice the difference. It really has improved my (running) take off speed with my sport" - premium personal training services

Robert L. [age 19, Kenthurst]


"We both love the training and have had great results! The sessions are always different and never the same which is also great" - premium personal training services

Chris F. & Gaela S. [ages 45 & 35 (respectively), West Pennant Hills]